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User: Sia Marry



Why does the College Application Essay Matter?


It is important to have a high GPA, good test score, and stellar extracurricular activities profile, for your college admission application. But what about the college application essay?


If you’re under the impression that you only need good grades and high scores to get admission to the college, its time to think again. While it’s true that grades and test scores carry insignificant weight throughout the admission process, a well-written college application essay that reveals your personality also extremely important.


When you start writing your write my essay, you need to pay a lot of attention and develop several drafts so that you can create the perfect content. Although, writing a college application essay is a stressful task, especially when you do not know what things should be considered that makes your essay stand out.

The college essay always matters. The influence of the essay depends on several factors, but how much it affects the overall application depends on colleges or universities to which you are applying, as well as your individual profile.


Keep reading to learn about the importance of a college application essay and how can you write an extraordinary perfect essay.


Factors That Affect the Influence of College Essay


When the admission process starts most of the universities tend to screen students on the basis of GPA and test grades first before reviewing college application essays and extracurricular activities. They filter out the student with a below-average score at write essay for me stage. Since their first and foremost primary bases for evaluation are your grades. But, if you are a candidate with good but less competitive grades, a well-written college essay can help you get into the admitted pool.


In contrast, the students who have brilliant test score, a high GPA, and a stellar profile of extracurricular activities, are already close to getting admission in a college, the college essay just provides the additional information about their personality which differentiate them from other candidates.


But still, under no circumstances should you ever ignore or blow off your college application essay. the college essay always matters, even if your GPS, grades and extracurricular activities are extraordinary and enough to make you a top candidate that every college would love to give admission. A hastily written essay could ruin your chance of getting admission, easily.


The Power of Story Telling


If you have an impressive story, tell. But if you don’t have an interesting or compelling story, try to make it interesting. Write it in a way that catches the readers attention and make him read the complete essay.


Possibly you have a particular skill, talent, or how to start an essay experience that will make you stand out from the pool of the applicants. Whatever the attributes are, writing them in an inspiring and eloquent way may be enough to sway the admission officer’s mind on candidates who might otherwise won’t be able to get admission.


Additionally, students who have experienced adversity in their life can transform their story into a compelling essay. They can utilize this chance to tell how a particular event has influenced their life and made them a person they are today or hope to be that person someday. Admission officers look positively on candidates who are willing to speak about their life experiences, and those experiences have shaped their life.


Just as with all the other components of the admission application, a college essay does matter. But keeping in mind to what extent it will affect the likelihood of acceptance, can help you decide how much attention you need to give to the 5StarEssays and what components should be considered and which part of the essay needs more attention.


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