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User: michealspencer



The Most Affordable Pressure Washers to Consider : Reviews


If you plan to do a cleaning job that the traditional mop-and-bleach combination won’t be able to cut, pressure washing is worth considering. The powerful pressure of a best rated pressure washer will be able to pulverize all traces of dust and dirt upon anything that you aim the spray wand towards.


But a good pressure washer can be rather expensive. Heavy duty models will run you short several hundreds to even thousands of dollars.


In this article, we will be showing you two affordable Best pressure washer brands for you to pick from.


Sun Joe SPX3000


The Sun Joe SPX3000 is popular thanks to its lightweight and highly compact design, powerful cleaning performance for its price, and has great ease of use to boot. It is the recommended option if you are either new to pressure washing or only need a washer to do light cleaning jobs around the house.


The SPX3000 is equipped with a 1,800-watt electric motor which, once switched on, will be able to give you a high-pressure water beam worth 2,030 PSI at a constant flow rate of 1.76 GPM. With this sort of power at your disposal, you will be able to handle all of the basic cleaning tasks like washing patio furniture, cleaning the stairs, the deck, and the patio. The driveway or the oil-stained garage won’t be a problem, as well.



But don’t expect too much from it, however. It won’t be able to thoroughly clean the exterior walls of a multistory home nor it has the sort of power for effective paint prepping.


You can tailor cleaning performance using five Quick-Connect tips. A heavy 0-degree nozzle, medium-powered 15 and 25-degree nozzle, and a light-duty 40-degree. A soap applicator is also included that will be of great use when you need to wash your car. The applicator will draw out soap from the two detergent tanks on-board, each of which has a maximum capacity of 0.9 liter.


But while the design is sturdy, maneuverable, and no-doubt beautiful in its lime green paint scheme, it is not very well balanced. The washer tends to tip over when it stands by itself, so you ought to be doubly careful when you’re around it to avoid damaging it inadvertently.


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Generac 6923


Gas powered washers are even more expensive than premium, heavy duty electric washers. However, for professionals or for people who need far higher cleaning power than what an electric washer can provide, the Generac 6923 is a cheap, but quality solution.


When pushed to the limit, the 6923’s engine can provide 2,700 PSI worth of pressure and a decent 2.3 GPM flow rate. It has enough power for paint prepping and cleaning driveways. Its handling of basic cleaning jobs is excellent and it has no problem whatsoever cleaning decks, patio furniture, and external walls of the house.



The motor is mounted on top of a solid steel frame, which provides it with support as well as protection from falls. A pair of 10-inch wheels are mounted underneath the frame for easy maneuvering.


Three Quick-Change nozzle tips are included inside of the box: 0, 25, and 40-degree nozzles. It also has a soap nozzle that, once attached, will control the washer into drawing soap from the internal ½-inch gallon detergent tank. Fill it up with your favourite brand of detergent and washing your car won’t be so tedious and hard anymore!


But just like any other gas powered washers, you ought to carefully consult the user’s manual or read tutorials online about how to operate and maintain one. Gas washers are notoriously more difficult in every way than electric ones. You will run into troubles very quickly with a gas washer if you don’t know what you’re doing from the get-go.




These are our selections of the Best rated pressure washer on the market today. We hope you have enjoyed the review and happy shopping!

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