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User: Juliet Hannah



How to Write the Introduction and Conclusion of an Essay?



Introduction and conclusion are the main parts of an essay. These are the two parts that leave a lasting impression. Students need to write a college essay whenever they apply for college admission. college essay should be very effective because it is intended to impress the admission officer. So, students should learn how to write an effective introduction and conclusion to make your essay effective.




The introduction is your first chance to make an impression on readers’ minds and let them want to stay and continue reading. Your introduction paragraph is enough for the reader to get the idea of what you are going to discuss further. And let him decide whether he wants to read further or not? So, it should be well organized and well-structured and designed in a way to get the reader’s attention and let him stay and continue reading.




The conclusion paragraph is your last chance to persuade the reader. It will leave an impact on the reader’s mind. It should convey a sense of completeness. Design your conclusion as it satisfies the reader with the ending of the story.




Let’s see how you can write an effective introduction and conclusion paragraphs.


How to Write a Strong Introduction?




The introduction paragraph holds great significance. You need to pay special attention to this portion. This is the only chance you have to get the reader’s attention. It should have the following statements:

  • Hook statement
  • Thesis statement
  • How you are going to support your thesis statement or argument

Hook Statement



Hook statement is your first and only chance to impress the reader, you won’t get a second chance. Hence, make your hook statement surprising and interesting so that the reader wants to read further to explore college essay writing service what he will get out of the surprise.



Thesis Statement



The next step is creating your thesis statement. The thesis statement is intended to inform the reader about your topic and your opinion about it. It explains what is your topic and why it is important for the reader to read it.


How You Are Going to Support Your Thesis Statement or Argument



The next thing is, how you will prove your side of an argument, correct. You need to focus on your argument and present the supporting evidence to prove your side. You can get help from different resources; search on the internet, read books related to your topic, ask the experts of that field.



The introduction should be like a road map for the reader. It should be clear to the reader, where the essay will take them and what they are going to learn from it.


How to Write a Strong Conclusion?



The conclusion paragraph is your last chance to make an impression on the reader’s mind. Although it comes at the end of the essay, it should be given the same importance as the introduction paragraph. The conclusion paragraph should contain the following statements:



  • Restate your thesis statement
  • Essay recap
  • Review of supporting points
  • Summary of the argument
  • Connect back

Restate Your Thesis Statement


Restate the thesis statement from the introduction. Do not just copy-paste it as it is, rephrase it. Do not change the meaning and authenticity of the thesis statement. Just restate it by making the same point with other words.



Essay Recap



Give a recap of your essay. Take 2-3 sentences to give a brief recap. Give a reminder of the topic to the reader.

Review of Supporting Points



Review your supporting points. Give a brief description of your supporting points.

Summary of The Argument



Summarize the argument and provide the facts, how you are going to prove college essay examples side of the argument right. Provide facts and logical proofs to support your argument. Combine all the points and provide the final stance about the topic.

Connect Back



Make sure you connect back to the thesis statement and relate it to your closing point. It should look like you started with something else and now you are ending with something else. Starting and ending should relate to each other.


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