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User: Emma



Dear kids, you often face the problem of how to write an interesting and beautiful book review at school or in the library. Today we decided to give you some tips on how to do it easily and effortlessly. Read more here: https://studybay.com/reviews/

A review is the communication of thoughts and feelings aroused by the work you have read. The purpose of a review is to recommend the book to other readers. After reading a review, your peers should think what an interesting book, you should definitely read it. A review of a book you have read is a free essay. A review can be written as an argument that contains:

How to properly write a review of a book you have read

1. Brief information about the book: the name of the author, the title of the work, the place and time of the events the author describes, who is at the center of the narrative.

2. the thesis "Why this book can help" - the reader's opinion of the book and evidence for the validity of this thesis.

3. Conclusion - an overall evaluation of the book.

How to write a good book review

Let's consider these points in more detail.

1. At the beginning of the review it is necessary to specify the name of the author and the title of the work. Next, you can write at what time the events described in the book took place. Then you can mention the personalities that are at the center of the narrative.

2. In the main part of the review you should express your opinion about the work you have read. You can write your attitude to the book, the main characters, describe the most favorite places in the work and justify why you liked them. Almost all reviews include a description of one or more of the characters.

The reader talks about what character traits, deeds, deeds of the characters of the book he read excited him. He admires the positive qualities of people - their kindness, bravery, and expresses his contempt for the negative characters, resenting their meanness, deceit, cowardice. The most interesting reviews are obtained when they contain comparisons, comparisons of what one has read with facts known from other books or from life.

3. In the review must be an evaluation of the book. You can write your wishes or advice to other guys, tell what you thought about after reading the book, what the book taught. Maybe the young man would like to reread the book again, let him write why. At the end, you can write your opinion of the book's language and give an example of a passage you liked. Here are some examples of questions that might help with the review.

Positive reviews.

How do you write a good review of a book? If you liked the work, there is nothing easier. Thoughts and emotions overflow, you want to confess your love for both the book, and its characters, and the author who created this miracle. And here, strangely enough, a natural bashfulness may interfere: the reader is ashamed to admit such strong feelings, afraid to seem silly or too shallow in the eyes of those who are not so highly evaluated this work.

Tip: Before you write a book review, put aside any shyness and focus only on what you really liked. Every reader has like-minded readers, and they will enjoy reading a positive article. And the author will be especially pleased, it will help him understand that he is doing everything right and that he has his own audience.

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