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User: Andrea Bree



The Perfect College Essay: Get Them Hooked


Although all the aspects of the college application process are important, an effective write my essay is one of the most important elements of the process. It is the one thing that is meant to influence the college admission officer by showing your unique personality. It is the final piece of your personality that you present to the admission officer. And it is totally in your own hands how you want your reader to think about you.


Useful Tips to Craft A Perfect Essay

You can make a college essay writing an interesting task by just following the tips given below.


Give Yourself Time

There is no reason to rush your essay. You are not going to get extra marks for completing your essay in just 2 hours. Take your time, think thoroughly. Before you start writing, invest some precious time in thinking. All colleges give more than a month to complete the admission process, so there is no need to rush your essay. Give yourself at least a week, just make sure you complete it way before the deadline.



You may have a very strong story, and you might have a lot of information to write. But, still, you need to think thoroughly about your topic to make sure you haven’t missed any aspect of your topic. Think about all the angles of your topic.


The brainstorming session might give some new ideas, it might open up new perspectives that you didn’t have in your mind. Hence, before you begin writing, sit aside and brainstorm your topic.


Start with a Template

Templates can give you a good start for your buy essay online. They gave you an idea of how to write a compelling college essay. Don’t rely on templates completely, just get some idea how you can shape your essay. The template is just an aid to your creativity, not a restriction. You can skip this part if you want to.


Read Other Essays for Inspiration

Before writing your story, read the essays of other students who successfully got into the college. See, what makes their essay unique? What makes their essay acceptable? Look for common patterns in the successful essays. Learn how the students wrote their essays.


Reading the other essay might give you some ideas for crafting your essay. or if you are struggling with choosing a topic for your college essay, you might get some inspiration from other’s essays.


Think Out of The Box

Admission officers read thousands of essays every year. They get to read the same stories, same topics, same writing style. They don’t get impressed by typical college essays. They are looking for something unique in your essay, something which everyone is not doing but you.


Set aside and think of something which is unique about you and no other batch mate of you has done that. Something which makes you stand out from a crowd of millions. Think out of the box! You might get a story in your head which no one else have. You may want to impress the admission officer by your unusual story.


By crafting an effective and convincing story, you will not just hook the admission officer in your essay, but it also ensures that you can reel them in!


Stay Away from The Thesaurus

The admission officer is reading your essay because he wants to know you, not because he wants to improve his vocabulary. There is no need to use complex words that you don’t use in your daily conversation.


Start Early and Write Several Drafts

As you get at least a month to apply for college admission, you have plenty of time to write your essay. but that doesn’t mean you can wait for the last hour. You need to start writing your essay as early as possible so that you get some time to edit it. Make sure you have enough time to make appropriate changes in your essay.


Take a Break

Once you have completed your essay, set it aside. Take some time, an hour or maybe a full day. take a break from your essay and do something else. Clear your mind, relax your eyes. Do something completely unrelated to your essay and forget everything about it. It will help you catch custom essay easily. It still continues working through stress, you might not be able to make your essay flawless.


Have At Least One Person to Read Your Essay

Once you are done with the writing process, show your essay to someone else. You may ask your friend, your English professor or your college counselor to read your essay, they can guide you better.


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